Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the frequently asked questions we hear regarding our products, installation, and ordering.
Measure the total height and width(length) of the space you are trying to cover. If you want a single design to go across multiple walls then you would enter the height of the highest wall and then the width of the other walls added together. If you want separate designs on different walls then measure the height and width of the first wall, enter those dimensions on the product page and add to cart then go to the next design and repeat the process. Once you've added all the designs and sizes to your cart you can checkout.

Yes! You can choose to pay in instalments by simply selecting either the Zip or Afterpay option on the checkout page.

As all of the wallpapers that we create are made to each customers dimensions the final product will be unique to your available space. Please keep in mind that wall sizes will dictate how your wallpaper design will look. For some designs, a repeat may be needed, while for others the design may be stretched to fit your dimensions. It is important to keep in mind that the larger an image is increased the level of pixellation is likely to increase. When producing a wallpaper we will advise you if the image is going to be significantly pixelated and discuss if you would like a design change.
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